Wireless IoT Networks

Wireless IoT Networks

In addition to Wi-Fi, the ARTIK development boards support a variety of low-power wireless interface options that are ideal for IoT applications. While each technology has its strengths and it is difficult to make precise comparisons, we offer the table below to provide an overview.

Bluetooth 1-3Mb/s 0.5-20m personal entertainment
Bluetooth BLE 1Mb/s 0.5-20m smart home, health/fitness
ZigBee 250kb/s 10-200m sensor monitoring
Thread 250kb/s 10-200m home automation
Z-Wave 40 or 100kb/s 10-200m home automation
SIGFOX 12 bytes/msg
140 msg/day
3-15km distant sensor monitoring

All of these technologies have an ultra low-power “sleep” mode when not active and most of the time are drawing current in the microamp range.

ZigBee, Thread, and Z-Wave are all appropriate choices for the home automation space, with Z-Wave having been around the longest. In their latest versions, all three have the ability to form mesh networks, with Thread having the most sophisticated ability to re-establish connectivity when a “child” is moved from one “parent” to another.

The Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, and ZigBee circuitry is located on the ARTIK module itself; the Z-Wave modem is located on the development board. Refer to the SIGFOX article for information on its circuitry and use.

This documentation covers the hardware included in the Beta developer kit. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on upcoming ARTIK releases.


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