Top IoT Investors You should Know About

If you are an IoT startup, then most probably you will need funding. Here we list most active IoT investors you should know of.

Internet of things companies are cropping up like at a very fast rate. What’s more interesting is that most of these companies are startups. Investment is lifeline of the startups not only in IoT segment but in any sector. IoT venture capital is focus of IoT investors and firms that are eager to cash in the next big internet-related thing.

According to various sources it is estimated that from 2011 to 2015 a whopping amount of $31 billion is being spent on IoT companies.  Most of these investments are made by telecommunication firms but a major portion is invested by tech companies like Qualcomm, Google and Cisco.

In 2016 the IoT investments hardly slowed down with the first quarter of the year recording the strongest ever funding at $ 850 million as per CB Insights. Here we bring you the most active internet of things venture capital investors. Read on to know more.

11. IoT Investors-True Ventures

According to True Ventures there focus is on “products that capture the imagination” and the companies that have long term market prospects. Both these attributes are basic to Internet of Things Companies.

True Ventures has being in the game for over a decade now starting their journey in 2005. Its VC investments in internet of things include companies like Veniam ( a company building solutions for moving things), Everywear Games and most known Fitbit.


10. IoT Investors-Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Life sciences, enterprise, digital health, consumer, connected devices, IoT and a few others, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has invested in them all.

Among IoT investments by KPCB are Jawbone, Dropcam, MoTIV and Nest. While these are consumer IoT companies, firm has also made investments in enterprise IoT companies like Relayr ( an enterprise middleware platform & tool provider) and Enlighted (creator of HVAC and space optimization applications).

9. IoT Investors-New Enterprise Associates

The NWA is a mammoth in venture capitalism as they have being there since 1977. Spanning across the globe they fund mostly healthcare and technology startups.

Major IoT VC funding by NWA is made into Psikick, a startup that specializes in manufacturing low power consuming sensors apt for internet of things applications. Another investment by the firm was made into KONUX, a startup focused on machine smart insight sensors.

8. IoT Investors-Cisco Investments

Cisco is one of the leading tech companies that invests generously into technologies it feels worthy of. Be it cloud computing, SaaS, virtualization or security, Cisco has made investments in all these domains for the past 20 years.

Now its focus is on Internet of Things. Its investment portfolio has a few startups on the list but the major ones are the Control4 and Icontrol Networks. While the first is a home automation solution provider based in Utah, the later one is offering platform for Connected Home IoT applications.


7. IoT Investors-GE Ventures

Relatively a new venture capitalist firm GE Ventures is founded in 2013. However since its launch this VC arm of GE has investment in more than 56 companies.

These companies not only include established ones but also IoT startups like mPrest (IoT software solution provider), Bit Stew Systems, Maana and PingThings.

6. IoT Investors- Andreessen Horowitz

Adreessen Horowitz was founded in 2009. Since then it has invested in many startups.

Among its IoT startup investments included are Jawbone, Leap Motion, Prism, Halo Neuroscience and Lockitron.


5. IoT Investors-Foundry Group

Foundry Group is not a conventional investment firm as its modus operandi is to use thematic investing. In short it invests not in companies but in themes that have the potential to drive innovation in the next 5to 10 years.

IoT is one such strong theme that is already driving a lot of innovation. Foundry Group’s portfolio list internet of things companies like MakerBot, Fitbit and LittleBits.


4. IoT Investors-Khosla Ventures

With more than $4 billion under its belt as investments across various industries,  Khosla Ventures is one of the major VC firms.

Among its internet of things investments are AliveCor (smart heart monitor IoT app), Canary( smart home IoT), Misfit, Jawbone and LittleBits.


3. IoT Investors-Qualcomm Ventures

Qualcomm Ventures was founded in 2000 as the investment arm of Qualcomm. Its investment interests have been wireless health, robotics and virtual reality, the cloud and IoT.

Its portfolio includes Whistle (IoT based pet’s health monitor), Placemeter (Intelligent Urban Platform) and August (platform for making environment around people responsive).


2. IoT Investors-Intel Capital

Topping the list is the company known for making innovative IT tech. Intel Capital is regarded as most active IoT VC firm. Since its inception in 1991,  IC has invested in over 1,445 companies in more than 57 companies. Its investments total to a whopping $11.7 billion.

Its major investment interests are the cloud, SaaS, Internet of Things, data center technologies and big data. Intel Capital invested in Stratoscale (cloud computing solution provider for IoT apps) in March this year which brings its score to 16 internet of things companies as investor. Others include UIEvolution, PraFly and SigFox.


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