Raspberry Pi Kernel-o-Matic

Raspberry Pi Kernel-o-Matic

Kreate Kustom Kernels Kwickly!


If you’re ever needed to compile the Linux Kernel on a Raspberry Pi, you’ve probably noticed that it takes a long time. We sure have.

If you have a desktop computer or a laptop with decent hardware specs, it seems like there ought to be an easy way to use all that processing power to generate a new kernel for your Pi, but it can be tricky to figure out the specifics. Enter theAdafruit Pi Kernel-o-Matic, which uses Vagrant to run a virtual machine pre-configured for compiling kernels and produces a package suitable for installation on a Raspbian machine.

Vagrant is for “creating and configuring virtual development environments”.  What does that mean?  Well, really, it’s a simple way to set up a virtual machine (VM) running an operating system of your choice. It uses VirtualBox to run VMs, and works on OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Getting a new kernel can be (almost!) as simple as:


  1. cd AdafruitPiKerneloMatic
  2. vagrant up
  3. vagrant ssh
  4. sudo adabuild

Interested? You’ll just need to install a bit of software. Read on for specifics.


Author: iotmaker

I am interested in IoT, robot, figures & leadership. Also, I have spent almost every day of the past 15 years making robots or electronic inventions or computer programs.

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